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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Jan 25, 2023

What makes us most free, is this submitting to God and this dependence on Him. 

Yes, freedom is actually dependent on obedience rather than kind of doing whatever I want.

When we fall in love with God and we experience that love, this deep interior freedom takes place and it becomes the most important thing of our...

Jan 18, 2023

How do we reconcile being strong and weak at the same time?

There has to come a healthy recognition that we're just unable to do things. 

And it's in this weakness, in recognizing that we have a lack, that Christ is then able to come in and actually be the one who moves us through that weakness into a place of...

Jan 11, 2023

A habitual and firm disposition to do good, not just for ourselves but for everybody—this is how virtue is defined.

Virtue allows the person, not only to perform good acts but to give the best of themselves for the greatest good of everybody.

But why do we do it? Who's it truly for and how do we exactly do it...

Jan 4, 2023

"Who Is God" and "Who am I?"

This is what we're attempting to answer when we talk about living in the proper order of relationship, identity, and mission.

We are living in a time where we're going through an identity crisis. In the very foundation, a lot of us are forgetting who we are. We forget that we are sons and...