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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Dec 29, 2021

Our last episode of the year… a time that often means reflecting on the last year and looking forward to the next one.


As you look back on 2021, there are probably loose ends—struggles, situations—that haven’t been resolved. It’s easy to wish that everything would just make sense, but sometimes it just doesn’t. And looking forward to 2022, well: it can be hard to know what is in store.


There’s great mystery in it all. But we have a great model in sitting before mystery: Mary, Mother of God.


Mary experienced incredible mystery in her life, and throughout it all, she sat before this mystery and pondered these things in her heart. Like Mary, we have the chance to trust the Lord and say “yes” to the new year, even without knowing what is to come or fully understanding the last year.


There’s a lot we don’t know… but we know that God loves us. And as long as we’re with him, it’s going to be ok.


Starting next episode, we’ll be going through Conversion by Fr Haggerty.

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