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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Nov 24, 2021

First Week of Advent


The lived experience of most people is: life is hard. We’re still in this valley of tears. We live it, but might not be relating it in a way that’s helpful… we just drag it around.


Enter: Advent. A season of hope and of promises fulfilled. Expectant hope, with confidence that the Lord is good and is at work for our good in our lives—the ultimate hope of heaven and of tears being wiped away.


Whatever you’re experiencing—God’s coming. God’s response to our struggle is the gift of himself. He doesn’t promise to solve any problem now and make everything okay, but he promises to give us himself. He wants us to experience peace here and now, not only in the future.


We’re going through Advent with Finding Your Place in the Advent Story from Ascension Press for the next few episodes. Check it out here:


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