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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Aug 17, 2022

As we go through life we encounter our own and other people's struggles, flaws, weaknesses and even sins. But we have to understand that we are going through different journeys.

God is doing something completely different in each of our lives and we have to be attentive to that. Let us not be so quick to judge—everything is not as simple as they may seem. 

This is another one of our Hot Takes episode that talks about some of the most essential topics that most of us can relate to.

1️⃣ "To tell someone the truth that they are not ready to receive, does violence to the person"
2️⃣ Can you miss your vocation?
3️⃣ Praying for healing for other people
4️⃣ "Life is a struggle, make sure you pick your battles"
5️⃣ A little bit about shopping ( "Checks and Balances on Impulsive Buying" )

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