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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Apr 20, 2022

This whole Lenten journey has a been about identity. In this journey, we again receive the gift of who we are as sons and daughters of God and every other identity along the way.

But this identity pilgrimage will not make sense without the resurrection. Life will be incomprehensible if it's just suffering and brokenness.

Jesus risen from the dead is the truth that changes everything.

The gift of the resurrection shows us a new way to love. It gives us a new way to look at things and a new light to have a brighter hope. Ultimately, it helps us to have a new way of living.

This episode talks about the transformation that happens in our hearts when we experience the new life of Jesus in us and what it means to live as new men and women.

As we finish working through the Born of Fire book and enter into the Easter season, we invite you to look at and receive what the resurrection of Jesus mean to your personal life.

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