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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Dec 14, 2022

We have this tendency that we want to fix or clean-up certain things first before we let the Lord in. 

We are afraid that our place, our lives are messy-that it's too much for anyone even for God to handle. 

But God is NOT panicking, he's completely in control.

He's not afraid or scandalized of how messy our lives are, he actually comes for the mess. He isn't waiting for us to get it together, he wants to come and the way we get things together is by him coming to our lives, we just have to let him in.

This episode is the third part of the series on Emmanuel: An Advent Devotional that talks about how we can ask the Lord to take our panic and give His us peace. An invitation for us to let God in to our lives reagardless of the mess,

If you want to follow along with our current advent series, you can get your copy of Emmanuel: An Advent Devotional (by Fr. Angelus Montgomery, CFR, and Sr. Karolyn Nunes, FSGM,) at

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