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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Dec 30, 2020

Even when we’re actively trying to trust God in all things, there’s a constant temptation to take back control. To just do it ourselves. To bail out of surrendering to Him, and keep things from Him to try and “make sure they get done.” We forget, over and over, that God takes initiative, does things, takes care of us. We overlook the ways He’s doing that right now.


What’s opposite that temptation? God’s constant invitation to let go, to trust, to forget about ourselves, to get over ourselves. To find that balance of letting God do everything while our fiat also provokes us to action.


If you want to live differently;
if you crave renewal, restoration, conversion in your life;
it’s possible. It’s real!
Most of all: it’s a work of God. 

This episode kicks off a new series moving through a collection of images and essays of the CFR community called A Work of God by Vianney Vocations, now available for pre-order.