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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Jan 20, 2021

We welcome a pretty special guest this week... Br Kolbe, of "He likes cars" renown!


Let's get right to it: interior poverty. Facing our own brokenness, weakness, failings. Not the first place we want to go, right? But here’s the thing… there’s no way around it. The “secret” way to following Jesus is coming to terms with our poverty—with him, as he gives us the grace to be able to see it and not be overwhelmed by it. Getting to that place of emptiness allows him to fill us with peace and trust.


There’s a divine efficiency to poverty. The Lord can work more directly when we are depending solely on his grace and not on any false securities that get in his way.


It’s the only way. And that might not sound like good news, but that’s because we have worldly ears. Hear it this way: this only way is hard, but it’s with Jesus, he who brings sweetness to difficulty.


So go there. Don’t avoid your spiritual poverty—Jesus meets you there.