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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Oct 27, 2021

A series on King David: Part 1 of 4


There’s always some mystery involved in an anointing. God doesn’t select the person we expect; this happens throughout the Old Testament and with the Apostles. There’s a mystery of who God calls and how God calls.


God still calls really talented people, but not because they’re talented. We are not our skills. God sees beyond that, even when we’re really focused on what we can bring. In David’s case, he was the only one who wasn’t caught up in it all; he had the posture and disposition to be king. 


And while intention is really important, it’s not enough to make a person good. The world idolizes intention, but it’s necessary to actually be obedient and faithful—to put that intention into practice.


As for us? Well, we might not become kings of Israel, but we will have some kind of calling. And as we respond to that call, we have access to the same grace that David did, and we can be as confident as he was in the anointing that God has put on our lives.


David was not the author of his own destiny and identity, and neither are we. We’re not self-defined. 


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