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The Poco a Poco Podcast with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Jun 28, 2023

Jesus dying on the cross is the symbol of God's victory but is also the consequence to sin. 

This is one of the most striking examples that there are things that we can do that are gonna have real concrete consequences in our lives and the lives of others. 

As Christians and Catholics, we try to memorialize...

Jun 21, 2023

How do we respond to the serious sins in our lives? 

For many of us, there is a temptation to be overly critical of ourselves and we let that define us. But, our spiritual life should not be defined by these serious sins. 

We are invited to be with the Lord and let him teach us about our hearts in the place of sin. 


Jun 14, 2023

Loneliness can make us feel that we're not chosen, it can give us a sense that we are totally in isolation.

And sometimes it's so easy to forget BUT we have to remember what's true—we have a God who loves us and chooses us. 

In this episode, we will dive deep into the idea, experience, and desire of being chosen—a...

Jun 7, 2023

Do we still know deep within ourselves, how amazing the gift of the Eucharist is?

Sometimes, we can forget and take that for granted, but it's awesome how Jesus gives Himself to us, in the form of bread and wine through the Eucharist. In the most humble way, the Lord wants to offer himself to us and be with us...